Abortion Pill

Abortion Pill

If you’re looking for a medical or non-surgical abortion by taking “abortion pills”, talk to us at Pregnancy Support Center. In addition to abortion education, our medical professionals can provide a pregnancy evaluation to confirm if you are in fact pregnant and make sure there are no health or safety risks.

Before visiting an abortion clinic or getting any type of abortion, you will need to know:
– Am I really pregnant?
– How far along?
– Is the pregnancy active?
– Am I at risk for an STD?
– What are the risks to my health?

Medication abortion is a two pill process. The first pill is given at the abortion clinic. It blocks an embryo’s access to blood and nutrition. A second medicine is taken two days later. This causes the uterus to contract and expel the fetus.

There should be a follow-up visit to the clinic to ensure that all the contents of the uterus was expelled. In the case that some remained, a surgical procedure would need to take place.

If you are considering a medical abortion, contact us to schedule a pre-abortion consultation and medical evaluation today.

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