Sexual Assault

Many people fail to understand the trauma suffered by victims of rape and sexual assault. Sadly, sexual violence affects hundreds of thousands of people in our nation. This article provides sexual assault statistics, essential information, options and resources available to … Continued

How To Talk To The Father Of The Baby

How To Talk To The Father Of The Baby   You have taken the pregnancy test and found yourself to be pregnant. You share the news with your parents. Maybe with a close friend. You need to talk to the … Continued

Abortion Myths

There are a lot of abortion myths. How can you speak intelligently with your pro-choice friends? Learn the truth about Pro-lifers, ectopic pregnancies, bodily autonomy and more.    Abortion touches the middle of the Venn diagram of hot topics: sex, … Continued

15 Inspiring Unplanned Pregnancy Quotes

15 Inspiring UnplannedPregnancy QuotesI wasn’t planning on this pregnancy…   Do you like to plan events like travel, parties, or even what you’re going to wear tomorrow? Planning is a big part of life, but some events and circumstances are … Continued

What To Do If Your Daughter Is Pregnant

 “I’m pregnant.” Two words you never expected to hear from your teenage daughter. Words that have consequences which will change your relationship with her forever.  Teen pregnancies have been declining in the recent past to record lows (1). But the … Continued

Pregnancy Quiz

Pregnancy Quiz Am I Pregnant? TAKE THIS ONLINE PREGNANCY QUIZ   If you are wondering, “Am I pregnant?” you can read the signs that your own body is already giving you. Please take this early pregnancy quiz for help. 1. … Continued

Your Girlfriend is Pregnant

How to be there for your girl and your baby.   Your heart has just stopped beating. The world has flipped off its axis. You think you may be either suffering a heart attack or hallucinating. Please let this be … Continued

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Am I Pregnant?Answer these questions to help determine whether you may be pregnant.Have you been experiencing bodily changes? Do you think you may be pregnant? This can be an exciting time but also a puzzling time. To add to the … Continued

Does Bleeding Mean Miscarriage?

So you found out you’re pregnant a few weeks ago and you can’t wait to meet your little one. But today you saw blood in your underwear. Does this bleeding mean something has happened with your pregnancy – could it … Continued

Micki’s Abortion Stories

Many women’s abortion experiences have gone untold. Until now. Micki bravely agreed to share her story. Read on for stories behind abortion.   22, newly divorced, and almost homeless. Micki went to a party to distract herself. Her two kids, … Continued