Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Cheetos?

Can Pregnant Women Eat Cheetos? Everyone knows about the unusual things that many women crave while pregnant. (If you read our last article, you know ranch dressing is one craving.) Whether it be pickles and peanut butter or eating two … Continued

Can Pregnant Women Eat Ranch Dressing?

You’re pregnant. The world has changed; your life has shifted. You’re two people now instead of one, carrying a growing child within you. You’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the new rules. Not to mention, your neighbor down the street … Continued

5+ Healthy Drinks for pregnancy

5+ Healthy Drinks for Pregnancy   One of the first things you learn when you get pregnant is what not to do. And everyone seems to want to give their own well-meaning but contradicting opinions. Maybe you’ve been missing your … Continued

Unplanned Pregnancy Support for Fathers

Unplanned Pregnancy Support for Fathers You’ve passed the third billboard in a row. Each one is the same, depicting an expectant mother and a number to call for support. “Unexpected pregnancy?” the billboards read. “Call this number for help.” Where … Continued

What to do if your girlfriend is pregnant:

How to be there for your girl and your baby.   Your heart has just stopped beating. The world has flipped off its axis. You think you may be either suffering a heart attack or hallucinating. Please let this be … Continued

Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound

  The main reason you should get an ultrasound is simply to see how far along you are in your pregnancy.  With this safe and accurate procedure you will also be able to detect the fetal heartbeat, determine the baby’s … Continued


If you have changed your mind after taking the abortion pill there is a chance you can save your pregnancy.  An antidote is available to work to stop the effects of the abortion pill.  It is not uncommon for a … Continued

Free Pregnancy Test

If you think you may be pregnant your next step should be scheduling a FREE Pregnancy Test from Pregnancy Help Lebanon.  You do NOT have to go through this process alone. At Pregnancy Help Lebanon we can help you deal … Continued